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A Step By Step Guide to AOL Mail Login

AOL Mail Login

Log in from a mobile phone or desktop computer to your AOL Login Mail account. Complete guide on all AOL login issues, FAQs, troubleshooting, creating AOL account, and how to contact the customer service department.

About AOL Mail

AOL Login Mail is a free web-based email service that AOL offers, operated by Verizon Communications. Considered one of the pioneers of webmail, the service remains one of the world's most common of its kind, boasting around 20 million active monthly users somewhere in the world. It's available in over 50 different languages, too.

AOL Mail was created in 1993 and was extremely popular in the 1990s and early 2000s. It is considerably older than other big names in the industry as a web-based email service provider, including Outlook (or Hotmail), Yahoo and Gmail. Most of the AOL Mail addresses have the prefix, though there are other domain choices.

How Do I Create an AOL Email Login Account?

You should first visit the site to create an email account with AOL. You should see an AOL log-in box from there. Tap on the text below, which says' Get a Free Username' and you will then be taken to the main sign-up form, which will require you to register.

You'll be asked to enter the following information on this page:

  • First Name-Your real name.
  • Last Name-Your real nickname.
  • Username-Your preferred AOL Mail login name and your new email address prefix.
  • Password–The password that protects your account. You're going to have to reach that twice.
  • Birth date-For purposes of age verification.
  • Sex-You, identify as sex.
  • Postcode–Postcode for your real life, or ZIP code.
  • Security Question–Drawn from a pre-set list as a security question.
  • Safety Response–The answer to the issue, used for safety purposes.
  • Mobile phone number–Your mobile number, which helps to protect your account.
  • Alternative Email–An alternative email address that may help keep this account safe as well.
  • You can complete the registration by clicking ' Sign Up ' once you have entered all the required information.

How Do I Login to My AOL Mail Account?

The AOL sign-in process is straight forward after you register for an email account. Just go back to the homepage and type your registered email address in the' Screen Name or Email ' window. Type your password in the' Password ' box and either press the' Login' button on your keyboard or click the' Sign In ' icon.

You will type your full email address in the first box including the suffix. Your password is also case sensitive, which means you can enter it exactly as you did on the signup page. Through clicking the buttons below you can also connect your AOL Login Mail account to your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts.

You can also directly view the login page here. While AOL used to have several different account signs on the website, now all pages can redirect you to a URL beginning with Type your Username or Email address and login password.

What are the major problems with AOL Mail Login and How do I fix them?

Users experience AOL sign-in issues every once in a while, making it difficult to get access to their accounts. Luckily though, most of these problems also have simple solutions. The most common problem is the mistake of typing either in the email address or password. Also, you should ensure that both CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK are off.

Occasionally, you can run into an issue where you see a blank screen instead of the page sign. When this happens, the first step is to clear the cookies and cache from inside the settings of your web browser. If this fails, verify that Java applet scripting and cookies are available, or try to sign in with another client.

Perhaps worth noting is that if you don't sign in within 90 days, AOL Mail login accounts become inactive. This will stop receiving incoming emails although by signing in, you should be able to reactivate the account. If you have not signed in for more than 365 days, however, the password will be deleted and is irretrievable.

I Forgot my AOL Username or User Name. How can I reset?

For passwords needed for so many different sites, and suggestions that you use a different password for each site, some people will inevitably forget about them. Luckily, this is not a major issue with AOL login Mail, since the service has an integrated security system for such incidents.

If you forget your password, you can click the link on the page sign that says' Password forgotten? And then follow directions on the computer. After completion of this process, your password will be reset and the new password will be sent to you automatically, allowing you to access your account again.
Forgotten usernames are a more complex issue with AOL Mail Login, since there is no recovery service on its website. If you have a mobile phone number and an alternate email account linked to your AOL Login Mail account, contacting customer services may enable you to retrieve your username, although this is not guaranteed. Instead, if you have real-life contacts on AOL Messenger or other services you know, you might try to ask them.